Coopers Mexican CervezaMy first foray into the home brewing world started with Coopers Mexican Cerveza. I purchased this as a good summer beer along with the starter pack with all the equipment required to brew at home.

After reading many articles, forums and blogs about home brewing I heeded the advice and followed the instructions as per the kit.

Firstly and most importantly all equipment should be sterilised as without clean and sterile equipment, the beer can be tainted and worst of all fail to ferment.

So, the kit was made up-to 23 litres (40 pints) with Coopers Beer Enhancer 1.

I added the yeast sachet at a wort temperature of 23c then left to ferment at 18-20c for 10 days. Starting gravity (SG) was 1.040

The final gravity (FG) read at 1.008 so the ABV ended at 4.7%.

I then bottled the beer into 500ml PET bottles with 2 carbonation drops per bottle, I did test a few with 1 but not that fizzy.

After 7 days inside at 18c I then moved the bottles into my shed, the 1st bottle opened around 7 days later was good but its true that good things come to those who wait as 2-3 weeks bottles definitely proved to be the better tasting and carbonated of the batch.

Overall a good light beer with a nice taste and great in the warm weather, a brew I’ll purchase again.

A quick review video I made showing the beer off


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