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The batch is going down well, the flavours & aroma of the hops are present and the taste is not too far off the shop bought APA’s like Sierra Nevada

Latest brew in the fermenter is Bulldog’s American Pale Ale Four Finger Jack.

My first venture using the craft beer kits and this looks like it’s going to be a very good session beer.

The box contains the usual ingredients you’d expect from a home brew kit, malt extract & yeast with the addition of 2 bags of hop pellets – Columbus & Zeus hops.

The malt extract is in a bag as opposed to the cans like most kits which makes pouring into the fermentation vessel much easier without burning your hands on a hot tin.

This addition of hops opens up the beginner home brewer to something a bit different.

As usual empty the malt into the bucket with 3 litres of boiled water and stir for a good 2-3 minutes, shake and mix the contents vigorously, quite a good cardio workout 🙂

Top up to 23 litres maintaining a temperature between 20-25 celcius and pitch the yeast on to the wort.

At this point put the lid on and air lock and place in a room thats at least 18 degrees or higher and leave the yeast to do it’s job for a 8-10 days.

Hops, what about the hops?

This is where it gets interesting, add the 2 hop bags into the brew about 4 days before bottling/kegging day.

This gives the hops times to add more flavour and aroma to the beer giving the scent and taste of the APA beer.

I’ll keep you updated once bottled and tasted with a review.


The brew is now bottled and in secondary fermentation, the ABV came in at 6.4%, quite a bit higher than the 4.6% printed on the box 🙂

You can buy Four Finger Jack APA from Home Brew Online.


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