Happy (belated) New year to all! I’ve been a tad busy over the last few months both in making equipment and drinking home brew, I will be writing a follow up post on my new equipment.

I thought I’d share my latest home made beer crate complete with printed name, I still need to sand down the rough edges to finish it off.

The crate is made by cutting wood into lengths for the frame and held together with wood nails, this crate holds 24 bottles (500ml), I used this guide to assemble.

I did use a hack to print the name on the wood, simply use a sheet of labels and print using an inkjet printer onto the shiny side of the used label sheet, then simply press and run your hand over the back to transfer it to the wood. 1 tip remember to reverse any text to ensure it goes on the right way round!

Homemade Beer Crate



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