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First post in a while apologies for the delay as I’ve been busy building my own DIY home brewery, more to follow on this soon.

Not only have I been busy making home brew in the past few months, my lovely wife got us tickets for the Indy Man Beer Con at Victoria Baths for my birthday and what a present this was.

We attended the Friday morning/afternoon session (1100-1630)  and at first thought it seemed early to be drinking beer, of course we weren’t alone as the queue even at this point was nearly 100 strong.

Once we arrived we was given a 1/3rd pint glass to use throughout the session, all beers are payable using tokens, price depends on the brewery and started at 1 token, £1 or slightly less if you purchase 11 for £10.

The location was perfect for the event with 3 main rooms plus a couple of side rooms plus an outdoor bar from Brewdog.

We headed for the main room to begin, room 2 which also had the food stalls here.

The 1st beer we tried was a collaboration beer from Northern Monk called Kiwi Saison, a lovely beer which i hope will be brewed in the future and joining the Kiwi Saison was Wreckless from Red Willow, again a nice Pale Ale.

Throughout the day we moved from room to room trying a variety of all the beers on offer, in the middle we had food from Honest Crust Pizza, lovely sourdough pizza to help soak up the beer and allowing us to continue on the journey through the rest of the day.

Here is the full list of beers consumed in no order:

Camden Brewery Pumpkin Lager 5.2%
Camden Brewery One Hells of a Beaver 5.2%
Beavertown The Earl Phantom 3.6%
Beavertown Quelle 4.1%
Thornbridge Jaipur 5.9%
Northern Monk Kiwi Saison 5%
Brewdog Dead Pony Club 3.8%
Magic Rock Pith Head 4.5%
Magic Rock Rapture 4.6%
Magic Rock Bearded Lady PX BA 10.5%
Left Hand Milk Stout 6%
Toccalmatto Dead Red Disorder 8.6%

Credit to the organisers, helpers and breweries that made the day a great birthday present and will certainly be returning next year.

Pictures from the day, not many as these we’re before the day really began as to ensure I could still see properly 🙂

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