New Brew alert! John Bull IPA is is and fermenting. This was a purchase from Tesco just before Christmas and was very reasonably priced – currently available for £9.38 online.

The kit is a regular can of malt, dark in colour, the batch was brewed on 5th Feb with 1kg of brewing sugar sugar. 23litres with the wort temperature at 22c. The OG was 1.054 so looking most like to come down to around 1.014 and produce an ABV of around 5.5% whic is 1% more than the suggested output, all my brews tend to be higher, maybe it’s the water 🙂

This is my 9th batch now since Apr 2014 and nearly the last from a kit for a while so i’m leaving this in the fermenter for an extra week or so to improve the flavour before bottling.

John Bull IPA Beer Kit


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