On Saturday 31st January 2015, I attended my 3rd beer festival, this time it was a birthday gift for my brother in law Jack, the Manchester Winter Beer Fest at Runaway Brewery, a perfect setting for a beer festival. The festival was run by Shebeen Events, GRUB, Runaway Brewery & Blackjack Beers, great credit to them for a well run event.

The pop up festival in the arches on Dantzic street, from the outside it looked like there was no way a beer fest could be held and the signs on the front directed us to the back where we was welcomed by the delightful smell of Andy Low ‘N’ Slow smoked BBQ  before entering the tent.

Once we had our tickets scanned we obtained our glass and programme and purchased a £10 token sheet, each pound worth 4 tokens, the beer was priced depending on how much you wanted, a third, half or 2 thirds of a pint.

Firstly we perused the blackboard of beers available on cask or keg and it was only right the first beer of choice was the hosts Pale Ale, a lovely beer and will be purchasing more of this!

It was quite chilly and the brewery was probably hovering around 10 degrees but this didn’t deter the enjoyment we had and surely it should be cold for a Winter fest?

The seating was ample and as the afternoon went on the numbers grew, a large group turned up making the crowd even bigger.

A quick recap of some of the beers I had:

  • Runaway Brewery – Pale Ale
  • Runaway Brewery – Smoked Porter
  • Brew By Numbers – Red Ale
  • First Chop – DOC

The event was very well run and the staff and volunteers were very helpful and friendly, overall a great afternoon and here’s to many more in the future!

Check out some user photos from the event:


  • GRUB

    Thanks for coming down to the event Paul, and for sharing our Kickstarter on your page. It really is very much appreciated. We look forward to seeing you again soon! Lots of beery love!

    February 2, 2015 at 10:44 am

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