Last week I popped into my local taphouse, The Prairie Schooner in Urmston to attend a meet the brewer, Duncan from TicketyBrew was the brewer this time around.

TicketyBrew is a husband and wife team from Urmston and the brewery is in Stalybridge, Manchester dialling code counts as Manchester right?

That’s what Duncan said and they stick by it, more seriously they are a supplier to Manchester’s pubs and taphouses which makes them a Manchester brewery in my eyes.

Duncan spoke about how the business came about in 2013 with his wife Keri wanted to spend more time with their young children so upped sticks from London to settle in Manchester and setup the brewery in Stalybridge, which was a question posed to him, Why Stalybridge?, short answer was, “cheaper than Manchester” fair point I thought.

Duncan also said the arches that are predominately chosen for breweries is due to the temperature they maintain, this is very important when brewing beer.

The key difference from TicketyBrew to other’s in the craft brewery explosion is the yeast they use, Belgian in all of their beers and you can tell when drinking any of them. I first tried a TicketyBrew Pale in another pub in Urmston and as they tell you on the bottle, it was most definitely still alive, when the barman opened the bottle a volcano of froth poured out for well over a minute, I personally think they didn’t store it right, a 2nd bottle was more stable and I enjoyed it back in 2014 as I do so now.

On tap was their staple Pale Ale and 2 Tickety Few brews, a selection of trial beers that sometimes end up as mainstream beers, Witbier and NZ Pale Ale. I had a pint of all 3 and my personal favourite was the NZ Pale, all relatively strong beers at 5%+.

Another Tickety Few in the pipeline is a Manchester Tart beer, interesting to say the least. Duncan spoke that beer is the important word here, TicketyBrew make some experimental styles of beers such as their Jasmine Green Tea and they say first and fore-mostly it has to maintain the beer taste to stay a beer.

When leaving after chatting to Duncan’s sister, who actually works in the same industry as me, small world! I purchased 4 bottles to take home, Blonde, Black IPA, Stout & Porter, all very nice beers, especially the Black IPA, a new personal favourite!

Little did I know but BeersManchester attended also, read the post about the evening, more photos over on their blog, plus many more good beer stories and reviews.

I really enjoyed my first meet the brewer at The Prairie Schooner and had a really good night.




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