The latest brew on is from the Muntons Premium Gold range.

Smugglers Special Premium Ale. The description by Muntons tells the tale that this ale was inspired by tastes and charms of earlier times. The taste description

Light, malty beer made with choice aromatic hops combined with the finest English 2-row premium ale malt

This ale is likened to the Badgers ale, Fursty Ferret.

The batch was brewed on 31st May and followed the instructions with no additional sugar or enhancer added. The OG was 1.050 and the 1st reading taken today (7th June) has come down to 1.012, an ABV of 5.6%  currently.

I’m looking forward to drinking this when it’s ready, my estimate will be in 2-3 weeks for the 1st bottle to cracked open.

I will of course review this once it’s complete so check back soon.




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