A quick post to announce a meet the brewery (virtually) series is coming soon. A number of breweries have kindly agreed to a Q&A about their foray into beer brewing.

I had the idea as i’m now onto my second all grain beer and wondered how micro-breweries get formed and wanted to get the information from some of the Manchester scene’s breweries as to how they decided to venture into commercial brewing. My own journey into AG brewing has really whetted my appetite to invest more time into perfecting my AG beers as well as how to create some new recipes.

The series will run over the next few weeks and here are the breweries featured:

  • Runaway Brewery
  • TicketyBrew
  • Cheshire Brewhouse
  • Blackjack Beers

Keep your eyes peeled for the posts.

Also, if there are any (serious) questions you’d like to know the answer to, leave them in the comments.


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