After a year or so in my garden shed brewing all grain, I moved the brewery to my in-laws garage, more room plus the kids bikes could now go back in the shed to protect them from the elements.

My first garage brew was a clone, well sort of, of Beavertown’s Neck Oil, a favourite beer of mine so i thought I’d make a batch. The recipe is slightly different to that of Beavertown’s so it’s a close clone.

The brewday went reasonably well, still falling short on OG numbers, this brew hit the pre-boil gravity. Used the 12v pump to recirculate both the mash and the post boil plus a new sparge arm I built.

I’ve also now got a keg setup since last post so I’ll do a short series on that, this beer was actually the 2nd beer on keg. I forced carbonated the beer for the first time and it worked well.

The beer first poured from the keg quite hazy, not surprising from the amount of dry hops, almost soup like, it cleared after a day or 2. My mate Jack had a few pints with me recently and he said it was “definitely one i would drink all day long” another pal of mine Tom said “brew it again for a great summer drink”.

My overall opinion was one of my best beers I’ve brewed and made from scratch so please overall.

Recipe is on my Brewers Friend account if you fancy a go at making this beer.

Here’s the video I made over on my YouTube Channel:


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