As we were seeing Johnny Marr in concert that evening the festival was a perfect start to a brilliant day, myself and my good friend Alex attended the Independent Salford Beer Festival held at St. Sebastians community centre on the 25th October 2014 – daytime session. Having attended my first beer festival, the Indy Man Beer Con a few weeks earlier (review) I decided to attend another.

Once we arrived at the community centre, we was welcomed with open arms and what I liked more about this festival was the options of the glasses available, not just a third pint  but also a pint was available to use for the session.

The room was what you’d expect of a community centre with table and chairs spread around the main part with the bar at one end. The choice was more than enough for a festival of this size, to be fair I can only compare to 1 other which is more established.

The great thing about beer festivals is not only the beer but people you meet, once we reviewed the beer list and decided what we wanted to try first we looked round the already busy room, there was 2 spaces on a table and we was invited to sit down by the couple already sat down. Lovely people that we had a couple of hours with chatting about beer and travels, we all tried the beers we had which was very good to save you buying ones you didn’t like 🙂

So the important part, the beer, here is the rundown on what I had and scores out of 5, further info to follow on tasting:

Bridestones Brewing – American Pale Ale – 5% abv 3/5

Cheshire Brewhouse – Howling House Session Black IPA 5% abv 4/5

First Chop Brewing Arm – T.O.C – A Salford Pale Ale 4.2% 4/5

Outstanding Beers – Red 4.4% abv 4/5

Ringway – Admiral Pail (Launched at ISBF2014) 3.5% abv 3/5

Shindigger Brewing Co. – Hoppy Lager 5.1% abv 4/5

Once we left the festival we had the perfect opportunity to visit Salford Lads Club on our way into Manchester.

Salford Beer Festival 2014 was a great event and looking forward to next year!


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