Simply Pale Ale

This is my second batch of home brew, Simply Pale Ale from Ritchies, described by them as:

An elegant easy drinking beer with good malt sweetness with a hint of vanilla and a clean aftertaste.

Pale Ale log bookAnd they’re not wrong, I again followed the instructions and added 1kg of beer enhancer in this brew.

Made upto to 23l (40 pints) and added the yeast at 24c and an OG reading of 1.038.

Stored inside at 18c for 2 weeks and the FG was 1.010 giving an ABV of 4.5%. Bottled with 1 carbonation drop. Moved to the shed for a colder secondary fermentation and prime.

A nice session ale and the fizz with 1 drop is fine and keeps going throughout the whole drink with a light head maintained.

A very good priced home brew and tastes good as well, a definite recommendation and I’ll buy again.


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